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Phil and Sally Cardwell
Maricopa County, AZ

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You Might Say Golf is Our Life 

Having compiled multiple professional wins in the highly competitive Metropolitan and New England PGA Sections; and competed on both the Ladies’ Challenge and the Players West Women’s Professional Golf Tours respectively, we can safely confirm that for us, golf is a healthy obsession.

While we’re dedicated to working on our own golf games, we’re also passionate PGA & LPGA coaches on a mission to provide exceptional coaching for players of all ability. As we finetune our player development programs at Verde River Golf & Social Club, we’re excited to share with you two, simple yet incredibly effective drills to work on as you gear up for the fall/winter season.

Short Game 101 – Finding the Bottom
Predictable contact is the most important factor in short game shots. Finding and predicting the bottom of the swing arc (low point) is critical. Top players have total control of this through practice and experience. We can all improve on this by simply making rehearsal swings observing where the club “bumps” the ground between your feet. This point is the best place to position yourself to the ball for the shot at hand. Get in the habit of taking a few rehearsal swings to not only feel how much force to apply but also to “find the bottom”.

Under-Reach – The Forgotten Fundamental
The legendary Paul Runyan also known as “Little Poison” was one of the best short game players and teachers in the history of the game. His under-reach method of setting up to the ball is rarely talked of which is a shame. This incredibly effective measuring technique simply means when placing the club behind the ball, hover the club slightly above the ground measuring precisely to the height of the ball. It’s so subtle, playing partners won’t see it, but you will feel the weight of the clubhead in your hands measuring precisely to the ball which is critical for a smooth, predictable swing. Over-reaching or grounding the weight of the club will require an in-swing adjustment to keep from hitting the ground before the ball. In-swing adjustments are unpredictable, especially in a short game swing. It may feel strange at first, but persevere and you’ll soon own it and start striking crisp, solid short game shots!

Phil and Sally Cardwell bring a rich and well-established background of quality teaching experience to Verde River Golf & Social Club. For more information on golf clinics and individual instruction, visit VerdeRiverGolf.com.