Tom answers questions about the Mind-2-Motion approach to swing instruction!

Tom Velarde
Golf Professional
Black Mesa Golf Club
La Mesilla, AZ

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Alison Thietje
Owner, Mind-2-Motion

When did you start adapting the Mind-2-Motion, anatomical fundamentals into your swing?
I started about a year and a half ago. I was to the point of quitting golf; I felt I could no longer compete at any level, be it professionally or even on a daily basis at my course.

What were the first M2M fundamentals you added to your swing and instruction, that had an immediate impact?

The set up and take away helped me go from being a good teacher and player, to a streamlined and effective teacher. My personal result was just 2 weeks ago, winning the two day Pistolero Pro-Am, making a hole in one, and tying the course record of 65 in the process. Actually, I had a chance to shoot my age of 61 in the process. Two years ago would have been out of the question.

How quickly did you and your students see results from using these fundamentals?
Mine happened almost immediately. Although I personally struggled to adapt to something new…which I perceived as radical, when in reality, was much easier to do. I realized that my approach to teaching the “old” motions/swing “positions” was less effective, and it took longer to see results. My students can make changes rather easily now, and these are changes that they take to the golf course.  

How did that impact you as a teacher?
Both my students and I can now understand swing concepts as something other than theory. Theory would be saying shift your weight. M2M can tell you how to shift your weight and where to shift it, too. M2M can also give you the parameters of what is not a good weight shift.  

Did you feel M2M was too technical in the beginning?  
Not so much technical as what seemed at the time, a radical change, when approaching the golf swing. With traditional instruction, I was more technical because I was taught to work constantly on position. M2M is very different in that we care about the primary mover of the body, while the “out of position” angles are secondary. However, when changing the primary mover, also known as the “origin of movement”, you tend to negate the bad positions. I can now treat the “cause” verses the “symptom’. Another bonus to adopting the new fundamentals is injury prevention. For example, just recently, I thought my left knee needed surgery and I was not able to play golf due to the pain and swelling. I reviewed the M2M fundamentals on-line, which enabled me to correct my posture and take unnecessary strain off my knee. I am convinced that Mind-2-Motion is not only more efficient for learning proper swing mechanics, it will also positively affect every area of your life. It is the answer every 50 + golfer is looking for.

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For over 25 years Alison Thietje has specialized in fitness and entrepreneurship. She has owned three successful golf fitness companies, one of which was the first personal training company to travel with the PGA Tour. She currently works as an independent contractor for The Traditions and The Reserves as a fitness and swing coach using the Mind2Motion Learning System. Alison launched Mind2Motion Golf website in March of 2012.

Tom Velarde is the Director of Golf at Black Mesa Golf Club in Espanola, New Mexico, just northwest of Santa Fe. For more information or to reach Tom, email