Greg Ellis

Great Golf Academy

Goodyear, AZ

Greatest Week of Golf What is Happening in the World of Golf? There Are Rules in Golf 2011 Can Be Your Year! Twenty-Five Years Have Passed 100 Holes of Golf The Belly Putter Should Be Illegal Bru Ha Ha Down Under WGC- (Was Golf Compelling) Accenture Match Play U.S. Open is Wide Open U.S. Open is the Webb Open The Meltdown at Medinah Where Did 2012 Go? A Masterful Masters Golf Lessons Don’t Work?? It’s Another Bubba Masters Rory Takes the Torch   A Masterful Masters The Lucky Open Lost Not Won It Was Jason’s Day! The Gift for Your Special Someone Masters Favorites Pull The Club Through…You Won’t Flip Out The Backswing Does Not Hit the Ball Get It Together Lag Your Way to Lowering Your Score Be Open to Tough Rough It’s Over Before It Starts Believe You are the Best Putter in the World Drive the Ball Low into the Wind I Was Fried Recently Let the Grip Lead the Way To Clean Living Line and Speed Are All You Need The Perfect Swing Ruined by the Ball Shorten Up Your Putter Let Your Belt Buckle Point the Way A “Fried Egg” that was Rotten for Luke Firm Wrists Lead to Accurate Chip Shots Homerun Derby Go Skinny Not Fat New Year — New Game To Go or Not to Go Master Lag Putting Open Your Mind and Stance If the Wind is Howling at The Open No Rough to Tough Rough Test Your Putting Nerves Ball Mark Repair 101 Are You the Tortoise or the Hare? Posture Makes Perfect Putt Like You Are Bowling Know When to Go and Know When to Go With a Sure Thing Every Putt is a Straight Putt – Sort of Consistency Lowers Your Score I Want To Hit It There Let’s Get Back to Basics Renew Your Vows Be Open to Tough Rough It’s Not Your Swing…It’s Your Full Swing Fundamentals You Are the Nucleus of Your Circle Water Down Your Putting Get It Together Like A US Open Champ Firm Lead Wrist for More Speed Play Like You Have B.O. I Want To Hit It There   Fine Tune Your Fundamentals Now It’s Over Before It Starts Consistency is the Key Pace Yourself Firm Lead Wrist for More Speed Putt Like You Are Bowling A New Year’s Resolution to Keep Test Your Putting Nerves Pace Yourself Masters History and Tournament Lost Line and Speed Are All You Need Dustin Dusts Off USGA and Wins What An Exhibition! Butt on the Wall Position is Everything Length Matters – Temperature Matters More Don’t Throw in the Towel It’s Over Before It Starts Drive the Ball Low Into the Wind Batter Up Sergio Is Good Enough to Win a Major Setup for Success Jordan Holes Out of the Bunker…So Can You 3 Quarters Equal a Dollar Put Your Metal Woods to Work Around the Greens Be a Stud Go Skinny Not Fat