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Golf Lessons Don’t Work??

As a certified TPI instructor, the first question I ask when giving a new student a golf lesson is, “Do you have any back, hip, or new bionic body parts that I need to know about?”. I ask this question not because I need to know their medical history, but because I need to know how their body will feel and react to specific postures and swing positions. You see, too often your body is the reason why “Golf Lessons Don’t Work!”

Don’t misunderstand; if you want to become a good or even great golfer, you will need a certified golf instructor. The real problem is not that golf lessons don’t work; it’s the fact that a great deal of golfers can’t physically make a true golf swing. They physically cannot perform the actions required. A golfer can spend thousands of dollars on lessons, new golf clubs, even hypnotism and see little or inconsistent results. Let’s face facts, you’ve read article after article, watched 100’s of videos, and tried a host of golf lessons (probably from a variety of golf professionals) but you just can’t seem to improve.

Golfers can blame this on their golf instructor or their golf equipment, but the true blame falls on the golfer body’s limitations. More and more sports science is being presented pertaining to the golf swing. In fact, the last 8 PGA major victories were won by guys like Adam Scott who works daily with golf instructors AND just as important, a physical trainer. Professional golfers have started to realize that if their bodies don’t work properly, then neither will their golf swing. It’s time the amateur golfers realize the same thing!

If you have found that your golf swing (game) has reached a plateau, or you have started to believe that “Golf Lessons Don’t Work”, it’s time to talk with your local instructor, a sports trainer or a TPI specialist on how to help your body begin to work properly. Take action to help those golf lessons become of value and give yourself a fighting chance to truly change your golf game!!