Posture Makes Perfect

Greg Ellis
Great Golf Academy
Goodyear, AZ

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I have always said the three most important parts of the golf swing are Grip, Alignment and Setup. One of the keys to setup is posture. Your posture has more of an impact on your golf swing than you realize. Proper posture allows the club to swing freely back and through with less effort. Posture assists with balance. Posture creates power. With all of this in mind, let me walk you through a way to get your posture correct and swing the golf club better than ever before.

First step is to get into your current setup. This will allow you to feel the proper distance from the golf ball to get you started.  Remember that you want to have knees slightly flexed and the majority of the tilt in the set up is from the hips.

Using a medium length iron, grip the club in your left hand and place so that the iron head rests on your belt behind your back. Next you make sure the iron’s shaft rest on your vertebrae.  Finally with the grip club in your left hand, place it against your head. You now have created a brace from your belt to your head.

Keeping the club resting against all three areas, tilt over from the waist to a point where you can hold the straight line from the belt to your head and bring the golf club up over your head and set it behind the ball. Your arms should hang directly below your shoulders. The butt of the club should be a fist to 6 inches away from your body. Finish the rest of your setup and you are ready to swing the club.

The club may now be swung under your body properly and your backswing will actually be longer than before, if you had poor posture.

Have fun and remember, if you need help with this tip or any other, feel free to email Greg at or call for a lesson at 623.328.5107.

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