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The Gift for Your Special Someone

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is just around the corner; so is Christmas. Do you have trouble figuring out what to give to your special someone? Well here is the best gift you can give. Give tickets to the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  Why you ask? This is an easy answer. You give a gift that the receiver will not have to return because it doesn’t fit and brings a great time with it. Another great reason is because you are donating to the local charities in the Valley of the Sun. It is a double gift that will bring smiles to many besides the receiver.

Once you give the tickets, the next big question is where can you go to enjoy the tournament the most? The best place to really watch the golf tournament, while it is a true circus environment, is not the 16th hole. Back in the day, when I was the head golf professional at the TPC Scottsdale and spectators would ask me where the best viewing point was, I would always send them to one place only. 

The best place to watch is on the hill at the 12th hole. From the hill you can watch the players tee off on 12; you can see them putting on 11; you will see the approach shots into 6; watch them tee off on 7; and see the approach shots to 8. This is the best place to see a lot of golf. The best part about this location is there are not a lot of people that know about this viewing spot; until now of course. There is food and drink in the area so you don’t have to leave to stay nourished. Number 12 hill is great for viewing any day. This is a guaranteed can’t miss to enjoy golf and experience the Greatest Show On Grass.

I always enjoyed the pre-tournament days. When you go during the practice rounds or Pro-Am days, the players are more approachable and likely to interact with the crowd more than on the tournament proper days. They are not as uptight about photos or cell phone use and who knows who you might be able to get a selfie with during the day.

So. instead of getting that special someone a gift they really don’t want, give them a good time. Give them tickets to the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

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