New Year — New Game

Greg Ellis
Great Golf Academy
Goodyear, AZ

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Today is the beginning of the rest of your golf life. Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions that they don’t keep, and usually break as soon as they make them. Well, here are some resolutions you can keep if you are committed to improving in 2012. Do a realistic review of the state of your golf game. Set Goals for improvement. Keep a scorecard. Return to the basics. Have fun. With this said, start out with a couple of refresher lessons in to reinforce proper technique. Schedule a lesson with a PGA Professional in Arizona to help you from the beginning with the most important fundamentals of the game. You have read on several occasions that the three most important parts of a successful golf swing are: the Grip, Alignment, and Setup. Start here.

• Make sure that your hands are on the club properly. This may be achieved by making sure the “V’s” that are formed by your index finger and thumb are pointed toward your right shoulder. Left-Handers make sure the “V’s” are pointed at your left shoulder.

• When reinforcing your alignment, lay a club down on the ground that is actually lined up left of you target line to assist you with having your feet on the proper line. Make sure that your shoulders, knees and feet form a parallel line with the club on the ground. Lay a club on the ground in line with your target to the outside of the golf ball. Be sure the leading edge of the club is perpendicular with target line golf club.

• Ball position, posture, and setup are next to check. If you are practicing with your wedges, the ball position should be in the middle of your stance. As your clubs get progressively longer move the ball position forward in your stance about one-half inch. Ball position with your woods will be on the instep of your forward foot. Your weight should be evenly distributed on your feet; (right to left and toes to heels). Knees are flexed slightly and tilt over from the waist so your arms hang straight down below your shoulders.

Solidify these three fundamentals. This will dictate your success. Now practice properly.

• Over practice your short game. Work on your chip and pitch shots around the green. Most strokes are lost around the greens because everyone thinks it is more important to be “Ranger Rick” and hit thousands of golf balls off the tee rather than work around the greens. Also, putt more than you chip. Work on three footers. You need to make 100 out of 100 three foot putts if you really want to improve and win the bets with your group. I have never seen a tournament won with a driver.

• Finally, swing to your target. Don’t hit the ball. Swing!!!

Have fun and remember, if you need help with this tip or any other, feel free to call Greg for a lesson at 623l.328.5107 or email

On behalf of the entire Bunker to Bunker team and all of us at the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia, I want to wish you a Very Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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