Batter Up

Greg Ellis
Great Golf Academy
Goodyear, AZ

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Do you ever have trouble getting through the golf shot properly? Do you hit golf shots falling away from the ball? Do you push golf shots? These are situations that I see from some of the students that I teach. The reason for the bad shots described above is directly related to the quality of your fundamentals and the swinging motion of the golf club. Therefore, follow these steps that will allow you to have fun while learning how to correct a minor flaw in your swing: With Baseball season starting in April, I felt that it was appropriate to call this month’s tip “Batter Up”.

•  Go through your proper warm up routine on the practice tee. Refer to past articles in AZ Golfer for this warm up. Begin by hitting short pitch shots and work your way into full shots.

•  Once you are all warmed up, make a few golf swings and feel your body motion. Swing slowly to insure the ability to feel the muscles working. Make sure your pre-shot routine is implemented on every swing.

•  Now, using a 5-iron, address the golf ball utilizing your normal set-up. Notice the width of your stance. This is very important. Next, move your foot closest to your target (front foot) back with your back foot. Your hands and the club are now up to the golf ball and ahead of your body.

•  Begin to make a back swing from this position. Feel your weight transfer to your back foot. Just prior to the completion of your backswing, your weight is about 90 percent on the back foot. Lift your front foot off the ground and simultaneously move your front foot exactly into the position where the foot is located in your normal set-up while beginning the downswing. This will provide the weight transfer feel necessary to retrain your swinging motion. If you have ever seen the movie “Happy Gilmore,” Adam Sandler is a prime model to see exactly how this golf shot works.

•  Swing the club down the target line and the results should be favorable. To get the feel of this swing, make a few practice swings like you were swinging a baseball bat. Next swing the club like you are going to hit a fly ball, still stepping into the shot. Finally, work your way down to the ground and swing at the ground while stepping through the shot. This will help you get the hang of this fun swinging motion. Timing is important. Once you get this shot down, you will be able to fix your flaws mentioned above.

Practice your “baseball step into the shot” to develop your ability to get through the golf shot properly.

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