Open Your Mind and Stance

Greg Ellis
Great Golf Academy
Goodyear, AZ

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It is amazing how many golfers that I assist with their golf swings start the downswing with their hands. The golf swing is a sequence of motions that must be accomplished in the proper order to hit successful golf shots. The following practice drill will assist with making sure the swing is performed with proper motion:

•  Use a short iron for this drill.

•  Choose a target to hit the golf shot toward.

•  Set up with an open stance and place the ball position in the middle of your stance.  Your hips should be set slightly open and your shoulders square to your intended target line. This will allow you to draw the club back with ease and set you in a position to start your down swing with your hips rotating back toward the target prior to your arms getting back to the ball first.

•  Your weight should be on your right foot (left handed golfers on your left foot). You will swing the golf club ¾ of your total swing length. Allow the club to pause at the end of the back swing and feel your lower body rotate out of the way first and your arms follow.

•  Make sure at impact your lead hand returns back to the golf ball as if you are hitting the ball with the back of your hand. Do not allow your wrists to break down.

•  Allow your hips to rotate through toward your intended target. The upper body, arms, hands and golf club will follow.

•  Hit several shots using this drill to ingrain the proper sequence of motion before trying full shots from your regular set up. It is important to feel the proper sequence prior to moving through the rest of your practice session to insure a productive session.

Utilize this drill and you will begin to hit the ball longer, straighter and more solid more often. 

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