Extension Back + Extension Through = Long Drives

Greg Ellis
Great Golf Academy
Goodyear, AZ

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One of the flaws that I have seen recently in watching golfers is that they all swung the driver like it was a pitching wedge.  The swing arc was very short; thus the ball did not go as far as it could. With this in mind, try the following drill to create length on the backswing and the follow through to help you gain more distance off the tee:

  First of all, check your grip, alignment, setup, and ball position. The ball should be just inside the foot closest to your target. For the sake of this tip, we will describe this from the right hand golfer’s prospective. Your grip should be neutral; set up with your swing center behind the ball; and your alignment should be such that your feet are parallel left of your target and the club directly down the target line.

  With the proper set-up, tee up the golf ball you intend to hit. Barely stick a long golf tee about six inches ahead of the ball. Then place a golf ball on the ground approximately 18 inches behind the ball. This ball should be on your backswing path. The object will be to hit the golf ball on the ground on the backswing and the tee on the follow through.

  Next, set up to the ball on the tee and make your backswing. If you miss the ball on the ground, you have either missed your swing path or picked the golf club up in your swing. Make a slow, smooth backswing low to the ground and make contact with the ball. Do not lose your focus on the ultimate result of hitting the ball on the tee. It will take some practice to get comfortable hitting the ball through your backswing and remaining focused on swinging through the shot.

  Finally, on the follow through, swing the club low to the ground so you make contact with the golf tee in front of your golf ball that you just hit off the tee. If you miss the tee, you either had a faulty swing path or swung up in the air over the tee. Swing long and low back and long and low through and you will make contact with the ball behind you; the ball on the tee and the tee down your target line.

Practice swinging long and low and you will add more distance to your drives. Most importantly, always remember to have fun. 

If you need assistance with this tip or any other golf tip, visit one of the Southwest Section PGA professionals near you.

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