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Greg Ellis
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Lost Not Won

Three majors in a row, Dustin Johnson’s first major, Jason Day’s first major, Rory out with a blown out ankle. The British Open Championship goes to Zach Johnson. How did this happen? What happened to all of the early week stories? Did the R&A cost Jordan his third major? These are all thoughts to ponder and I have been for the last couple of weeks. 

How many times have we seen major championships lost and not won? We saw it again in this recent major at St. Andrews. We were all hoping to see history occur while others were looking for their first major championship. 

Dustin Johnson had the lead until the R&A debacle on Saturday, when they started resumed second round action when they shouldn’t have. Dustin and Jordan played two holes, and some guys had not even hit a shot, when they suspended play. Johnson dropped out of the lead and would have one more major slip away. Jordan, on the other hand, kept focused and survived the R&A’s attempt to derail him. Did Jordan choke down the stretch or was he a little exhausted? He had 2 great chances to make it into the playoff but did not have the majic this time. There was no choke but it certainly was not his best. Watch out for him at the PGA this month.

Jason Day played some superb golf and would not let the Old Course beat him until the end. Jason had a chance to be in the playoff and came up short. How do yo leave a putt for the tie short? I think this was a devastiating miss for Day. He played solidly and this should have been his major but it did not happen.

The defending champion was absent this year. Rory decided to play a little soccor and blew out his ankle and lost his opportunity to win another major.  I don’t judge him for that because I don’t see the difference in this from walking down the street and twisting your ankle walking off of a curb into the street. It was a fluke mishap. Hopefully, Rory will be back soon.

This leaves the Champion Golfer of the Year, Zach Johnson, holdiing the Claret Jug by coming out of nowhere and passing the leaders and favorites one at a time to climb to the top. Zach did everything he had to in regulation but Louie and Mark Leishman had other thoughts in mind as to whom should be the winner of this year’s Open. The way it was so bunched at the top of the leaderboard a playoff was inevitible. Zach welcomed the four hole playoff with open arms and took control immediately, while Louie and Mark tried to stay in line. Zach goes birdie, birdie to take the lead and closed the deal like a true champion. Oh yeah, remember, Zach missed a putt on 18 at the John Deere, where Jordan won. Remember all of the talk about Jordan should have skipped the John Deere? Jordan did the right thing, honoring his commitment. Zach played at John Deere and no one questioned Zach’s preparation. Maybe missing his birdie on 18 at the John Deere willed Zach to victory and the win, where others lost. Congratulations to Zach for making this botched Open exciting. It will be fun to see how he does in the PGA. Could two players hold all four majors? Stay tuned to find out.

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