Zeroline modernizes swing instruction with launch of innovative Golf MTRx™ Smartphone App

Zeroline Golf has announced the launch of Golf MTRx™, its innovative new smartphone application providing precise and personalized bio-mechanic feedback during a golfer’s swing and closes the communication loop between teaching professionals and their students. Golf MTR is now available for iPhone® and iPod touch® devices on the Apple App StoreSM.

Golfers of all skill levels are constantly striving to improve their swings. Golf MTRx provides a simple mechanism for golfers to receive meaningful personalized feedback on their hip mechanics during swings and practice improvement techniques between lessons, making instruction much more efficient and productive.

Using a patent pending swing recognition technology, Golf MTRx measures a golfer’s hip mechanics, including backswing, impact, and finish turn angles; tempo; rotational speed in degrees per second; acceleration; and deceleration during a golf swing and sends precise and relevant metrics back to the user in a visually simple and intuitive format. Featuring vibrant visual displays using bright color contrasts, Golf MTRx is visible in any lighting condition, making it ideal for use wherever a golfer finds time to practice.

The application records swing data and compares it to the average tour player in order to produce a MTRx efficiency score. The golfer receives quick notifications through the app indicating which aspect of the swing needs improvement and provides helpful drills specific to his or her individual hip metrics.

A fundamental advantage Golf MTRx has over competing technologies is the app recognizes each golfer’s swing is unique and that which works for one golfer will not necessarily work for another. It allows the golfer to practice until an “ideal” shot, as determined by the player and the teaching pro, is recorded. The data from that ideal swing is saved and used as a baseline that can be compared to subsequent swings. Consistency, specifically the replication of each player’s ideal swing, is the key to improved performance on the golf course and lower scores. Golf MTRx also allows golfers to store data for a variety of different types of shots, such as a high fade, low draw, punch shot, etc., and use those metrics to replicate the ideal swing for each type of shot when practicing.

Golf MTRx is a particularly effective tool for golf professionals to maximize instruction by allowing students to record data from practice in-between lessons, upload the data onto social media platforms including Facebook, and receive feedback from their instructor. Swing data can also be emailed to a local teaching professional. Subsequent versions of the app are expected to include a locator feature for golfers to find a local professional who uses Golf MTRx as a teaching tool.

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