StarFire 1st public course in Scottsdale to introduce new recycling program

The greens at Starfire Golf Club just got a whole lot greener with the implementation of Waste Management’s total recycling program. Starfire Golf Club is Scottsdale’s first public course to implement the program as part of its effort to go green and increase recycling and composting initiatives. The Club launched the program on April 22nd in commemoration of Earth Day.

“There is a natural link between the game of golf and the surrounding environment. Partnering with Waste Management allows Starfire to incorporate a convenient waste-diversion system that is part of our overall emphasis on sustainability. Continuous improvement of key processes and resource management practices show that we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by using all resources, including water, paper, glass, cardboard and plastic products, responsibly so that they are not depleted, damaged or unavailable for future generations.  At the same time, this is helping Starfire in working towards   increasing   course sustainability,” said Matt Lupton, General Manager of Starfire Golf Club. “Starfire hopes to set an example for how other golf courses can go green,” he said.

Waste Management’s total recycling program enables a simpler and more convenient approach to the concept of recycling.  Known as single-stream recycling, the program accepts a wide variety of recyclables, including paper, plastic, aluminum, steel, tin, cardboard, glass, juice containers and paperboard.

The convenience of Waste Management’s recycling program allows individuals and companies to recycle more because all items are placed in one container and the sorting is left to Waste Management’s employees and their innovative technology at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).  Recycling is also a great way to have less waste, fewer raw materials consumed, less energy used, and a greener world for the next generation.

“To implement and enjoy a successful recycling program, Waste Management has suggested a number of solutions for Starfire Golf Club including training, signage, container placement and addition of recycling containers at uncommon areas such as tee boxes,” said Janette Coates, Waste Management Senior Communications Specialist.

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