Stay Centered Over the Shot

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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A major contributor for good ball contact is staying centered over the shot. 

On the backswing, focus on making a full shoulder turn, allow the hips to turn as well. The hips should only turn about half as much as the shoulders but they need to turn so that you are not swaying or sliding on the backswing. As you turn back, you are keeping your chest centered over the ball. Watch the touring professionals. As they take the club back, the body turns and their chest remains over the ball. Many amateurs sway or slide off center as they take the club back.  Think about this, you now have to get back over the ball to make the correct impact.

Now, as you start the downswing, you will begin turning back to the target. Again, as you turn you will be keeping your chest over the ball. At impact your chest will be open in relation to your target line but the center of your chest should still be over the ball. Continue turning and you will finish with your chest facing your target. As you work on this shoulder and hip rotation, your head and chest stay over the ball longer and improve your solidness of contact which will increase distance and improve your accuracy. Again, look at the touring pros and how smooth and effortless the body rotates and stays over the ball. This is the picture you want in your mind as you begin each shot.

Swing thoughts:
  Backswing; full shoulder turn, back to target, you are centered over the ball.

Downswing; full shoulder turn, chest to target at finish. Impact; you are still centered, balanced, chest over the ball for solid contact.

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