Putting Requires Least Amount of Athleticism

Ever seen a picture like this while watching golf on TV?

Scott Sackett
Director of Instruction
McCormick Ranch Golf Club
Scottsdale, AZ

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Out of all the skills surrounding the game golf, putting is the one which requires the least amount of athleticism. Oddly enough, this is where I see the majority of people struggle the most. Mechanically, you don’t have to be perfect to make lots of putts. One thing you do need is the ability to properly read a green. I can’t recall a time where a student came to me and asked, “Scott, how do I read a green?” I think the golf of world as a whole has sent players the message that green reading is a skill learned through experience, and the intangible “eye” that just seems to have a knack for reading greens. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Aim Point Technologies that I began to realize there is a simple science behind reading greens. 

Ever seen a picture like this while watching golf on TV? 

This line is Aim Point Technologies at work. It gives you an exact amount of break on any putt, anywhere on the green and it’s right EVERYTIME! 

Imagine what golf would be like if you never misread a putt again? What would you shoot? How many birdies would you make? How much money would you win? 

I learned how to read every putt perfectly in 3 hours. An Aim Point fundamentals clinic lasts 3 hours and goes over everything you’ll need to know so you never misread a putt again. You’ll also learn how to read the Aim Point Green Reading Book. The book tells you how every putt breaks, from any distance and from anywhere on the green. It is legal under the USGA rules and used by hundreds of touring pros, university programs and everyday golfers; Justin Rose, Stacy Lewis, Padraig Harrington, Nic Faldo, Juli Inskter, and Arizona State University, just to name a few.

Scott is now offering these clinics with limited availability on the following dates: Saturday February 8th 1-4pm, Saturday March 8th 1-4pm and Saturday April 12th 1-4pm.

To learn more about Aim Point, visit Scott’s website at www.scottsackett.com/aimpoint. If you have any questions, please email Scott directly at Scott@ScottSackett.com.

Scott Sackett, GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher the past 14 years, and was just voted as one of Golf Digest’s Best Teacher in the State for the fifth year in a row, is also Director of Instruction at Park Meadows CC in Park City, Utah. While in Scottsdale, he teaches at McCormick Ranch Golf Club. Scott can be reached by email at scott@scottsackett.com.