How Do I Start the Downswing?

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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This is a question I get asked quite frequently, “How do I start the downswing?  Should I start with shifting my weight or turning my body?”. The answer is both.  Start with the weight shifting towards the front foot and then turn your hips and shoulders until you finish facing your target. The proper sequence is the key. Weight shift first…and then body turn.

Begin the downswing by starting to shift your weight towards your front foot.  Take the club to the top of your swing. To bring the club down, start using your lower body, feel your weight transferring to the front foot. The golf club is now dropping down, staying close to your body, and on the correct path towards the ball and your target. 

If you begin the downswing with your upper body or hips rotating first, you will push your hands away from your body and across the target line. From this position you will have to pull across the target line and promote the outside in swing path. 

To get the correct sequence for the downswing, start with slow motion swings. Feel your weight shifting forward and the club dropping down for the proper downswing position. Do this with a mirror behind you, when you start down correctly you will see the club drop down as you shift your weight forward.

Once you have begun shifting your weight forward and the club is dropping down from the top, you can turn as aggressively as you want. 

Transfer your weight and then turn for added power and a more solid ball contact.

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