Golf offers more than ‘The Game’…it’s the perfect place for romance and popping the big question!

Doug Massey and Kristin Deputy are avid golfers and travelers. Last summer they planned a dream vacation to Aruba that included snorkeling, sailing, and of course, GOLFING! Their first day turned out to be one of the greatest and most memorable golf games of their lives.

The two headed to Tierra del Sol Golf Club, in Aruba, for a fun round of golf overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The entire round was spent playing well and taking photos and videos.

Approaching the 18th Hole, which ascends to the clubhouse and overlooks the ocean to the right and the dessert on the left, Doug took their photo in front of the 18th tee box sign then both teed off. Halfway through the hole, a golf course employee drove down to ask about their cart...little did Kristin know he came to get the ring from Doug! While the two searched for Kristin’s errant shot in the desert, the employee put the ring in the hole. Doug then hit onto the green and putted out.

Kristin finished putting, and after her ball dropped into the hole Doug set his club down and got down on one knee, reached into the hole and pulled out the ball. After walking up to retrieve her ball, Kristin stated, “Doug asked me to spend the rest of his life with him and opened the golf ball!” Inside the golf ball was a gorgeous engagement ring, and as Kristin grabbed and hugged him, the employees ran out to the green with champagne, while cheering! Doug shouted, “She said YES! She said YES!!”

Kristin remembers telling Doug, “Never planned to spend my life with anyone else, but I am so glad you asked! This is the most spectacular and surreal moment of my life!”

Doug and Kristin have traveled multiple times to the Caribbean and are in love with the ocean views and beautiful beaches, so they have chosen to get married at the La Concha Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 1, 2014.

So, romance and golf, easily go hand in hand…and Doug has helped set the bar a bit higher for creativity on the golf course.

Congratulations and best wishes to Doug and Kristin on their upcoming new life together and keeping ‘The Game’ exciting!