Train Your Aim Will Change Your Game!

by Alice and Danny Scott

The simplest putting tool on the market fits in your pocket or behind your ear to go anywhere. Just slide the two pieces together like a cross, pointing either way for lefties or righties. Clip it on the hosel of your putter shaft and adjust until the pointer is over the ball. Line the arrow up to the hole or intermediate target for a break in the green and putt away. Short backstroke, follow straight through with the arrow leading your aim and get the same aim consistently.

David Keller, Director of Golf Sales at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, Arizona is the inventor and this is his story: “I grew up playing in the United Kingdom on some pretty poor surfaces which led to a putting stroke that was more of a jab than a smooth stroke. Driving to work I thought about my weekend putting performance – misses to the right, misses to the left, from all sorts of distances. How could I get a repetitive stroke and better alignment? I knew I needed something to guide my putter face towards the target. Arriving at work and before I lost the idea forever, I sketched the design on a post it note. That evening I built the prototype with a ferrule, balsa wood, glue, resin and orange nail polish (thanks to my daughters). An hour later my putting aid was a full-scale model. I went to my local course to test it out and it worked better than expected! After a handful of putts I was not only more accurate with my alignment but my stroke was better as I was accelerating through to the target. More putts were made and confidence was growing.”

David Keller sought the help of successful golf trainers to tweak Train Your Aim, which is now available. David and Train Your Aim have been featured on radio programs and Good Morning Arizona, Channel 3. Invented, designed and manufactured in Arizona, USA, training professionals, golf enthusiasts and beginners concur with the beneficial results of Train Your Aim. After just a few putts, it becomes a subliminal mantra, “Train Your Aim”.

The best things in life are said to be simple and free. Train Your Aim is as simple as it gets and the introductory price of $9.99 is almost free in today’s economy! Affordable for any golfer, it is ideal for gifts and tournament prizes. Nip those yips and change your game. Order online at