Many Things are Beyond Me!

Tom Velarde
Golf Professional
Black Mesa Golf Club
La Mesilla, AZ

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Well, here I was all set to let you all into my big Ireland trip when the PGA of America impeached it’s sitting President for the first time in history. Why Mr. Bishop would have felt the need to come to Sir Nicks defense based on Ian Poulters’ new book is beyond me, but many things are beyond me. In our new instant contact world, where any comment becomes instant news, here was a prize plum issued by a high profile figure.

If you’re a celebrity you get to say more and get away with more just because of some unwritten code between the media and the chosen class. Look at some of the very silly things said by singers and movie stars. While they may have not cornered the market on gotcha moments, they certainly have a leg up on these moments without real repercussions.

Ted Bishop, for whatever reason, must have thought that anything he said was above reproach and above the scrutiny of the general public. But now twitter feeds must be somehow monitored by some type of police agency that makes them general knowledge. Ted Bishop must have had a huge following for this tweet to become the bonfire it was.  Someone…Somewhere must be reporting these tweets so they gain traction in a negative manner. I seldom (well actually never have heard of a positive tweet) hear of positive tweet tractions.

Ted Bishop exercised his frail human belief that his opinion was just that, “HIS”, and as such would not have to be quantified or defended.  Just one man voicing his “Can you believe this guy” statement, we have gone from being able to have an opinion to the must have an opinion that is correct. That “correct” opinion is one that is judged by some public forum that then informs us what is acceptable.

As a society we accept scientific theorem as a statement that needs to be proved, in this the theory does not have to be correct but has to be proven. Yet, we expect each statement that is issued by anyone to be above reproach and question. You and I must issue nothing but factual and irrefutable statements. Tweets are the silliest and easiest method for a gullible society to fail. The perfect forum for a person to say what they did not intend to say.

So to that forum out there, I am Tom Velarde, a 1 out of 7 billion humans on earth. I am unique and no one on earth is like me. No one on earth has my outlook on life like I do. No one on earth has my abilities and frailties. Absolutely no one on earth has my value systems. I will treat your life as your statement of theory and that theory will be judged after your expiration date is used. Until that time, Ted Bishop has issued a statement that is just another line to an equation that still has chapters to be written and justified. So I will not judge this book by its cover or line in a chapter but by the meaning of the book.

So can we all just get back to the first tee and a reality of life, “How many strokes do I need from you to make this a fair match”?

Tom Velarde is the Manager at Black Mesa Golf Club in Espanola, New Mexico, just northwest of Santa Fe. For more information or to reach Tom, email