Shape Your Shot From The Finish

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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Use your finish position to help you shape your ball flight. If you prefer a fade or slice ball flight, you will want to finish with your hands high in the finish position.  Picture this position before beginning the shot. This comes in your pre-shot routine, how high and what path do I want the ball to take to my target? If you see the fade or slice ball flight, add finishing with your hands above your head at the finish. This type of finish generally is the result of less body rotation which results in less clubface rotation, the fade is hit with a slightly open clubface. To accent this in your swing, again picture your finish with your hands high at ear level or higher and more over your shoulder or head at the finish of your swing. 

If you prefer the draw or hook ball flight, you will want your hands low in the finish position. Your hands will be at shoulder height or lower and more to the side of your body versus up over your shoulder or head as in the high finish noted earlier. This finish promotes more clubface rotation which will close the clubface more at impact and promote the draw or hook.

Look at your finish and see if it is matching your ball flight. If you want to reduce the fade, lower your hands at the finish, rotate your body more and swing around your body. If you want to reduce the draw, rotate your body less and allow the hands to swing more upward and less around the body. 

Incorporate the ball direction and height that you want into your pre-swing routine and picture your hands in the position to match this preferred ball flight.  Picture your finish position prior to addressing the ball and program the swing.  This will assist you in not getting too technical and over loading your mind with too many swing thoughts. Practice this on the range and see the ball flight begin to change.

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