Dixon Golf unveils latest golf ball

Wind ball offers maximum durability, extreme distance

Dixon Earth Golf BallDixon Golf CEO William Carey announced that Dixon Golf, manufacturers of the world’s first high performance, 100 percent eco-friendly golf ball, is unveiling its latest product – the Dixon Wind golf ball.

In addition to the Earth golf ball, Dixon Golf’s second golf ball product, the Wind golf ball, will feature a resilient eco-cover™ for maximum durability and spin control. The Wind golf ball also features a 428 Monster™ dimple pattern for extreme distance and ultimate accuracy as well as a densified precast green core™, which generates extra recoil for even greater distance. Dixon Golf’s Wind golf ball, with its extreme distance, is the ball of choice for three-time World Long Drive Champion, Sean “The Beast” Fister.

All golf balls manufactured by Dixon Golf are “green” to the core, using all reprocessable materials to create a golf ball that is 100% recyclable. Not only has Dixon Golf created a fully recyclable golf ball, it has developed a recycling program to back that up. Any golf ball brought to a Dixon Golf retail outlet or golf course will be good for a $1 credit toward the purchase of any new Dixon Earth golf balls. Those balls will then be recycled to make new products such as field turf and playground equipment.

Additionally, as part of the recycling program, people can exchange any brand of ball for $.50 per ball, also good toward the purchase of Dixon Earth golf balls. These balls will be used to research effective ways to recycle all golf balls.

Dixon Golf plans to announce the release of a third golf ball to the product line this summer. For more information on Dixon Golf and its eco-friendly, green initiatives go to www.dixongolf.com.