Thanks Hank Haney

Hank Haney providing valuable academy lessons to his audience.

The worst advice you can ever receive according to Hank Haney is, “Keep your head down.” The next worse is, “Slow your swing down”.  Hank says if that’s your goal, all you have to do is live long enough because that naturally will happen with aging, ha. On a bright sunny day at Troon North, Hank Haney delivered an entertaining clinic in front of sponsor Omega’s clock. 

From 39 years of teaching all over the world, his best tip is to swing 100 times a day. No ball required, just swing the club, any club, anywhere. It’s like playing more than a round (depending on your score) in ten minutes plus it’s a little workout. If you have a goal, Hank says you must have a plan or the goal is just a dream. We’ve heard lots of great golf instructors’ tips but this one makes sense and we are actually doing it. It feels good. 

Most proud of his 6 year run as Tiger’s coach during his best winning years, it amuses Hank that he is asked more often about Charles Barkley from “The Haney Project” on the Golf Channel. He laughs about the Barkley experience, “It was not my shining moment in teaching”. To help Charles’ yips he had him swing left handed. Hank jokes that when Rush Limbaugh came on the show he was the best listener but Hank knew that “turning him into a lefty was not an option.” 

Another project was Ray Romano, who introduced Hank to Suzanne. They married and created Henry, the first child for both. Going on three, Henry showed no signs of terrible twos at the Haney’s home reception for Omega. Hitting into the backyard net before bedtime, he was so cute saying, “Thank you for my special ball”. Henry loves his special soccer marked balls. Little does he know how special is his family setting.

For golfers to improve Hank says to eliminate three things – penalty shots, 2 chips and 3 putts. Okay, now we’re all set to break 80, which according to Hank, Ray Romano simply can’t do. When he’s close he calls Hank. Hank asks the audience, “Who calls someone from the 18th hole?” Now anyone may ask Hank via twitter or radio. He can’t reply to every one, but how magnanimous is the notion to try? Thanks Hank, Troon and Omega.

Alice and Danny Scott are known as America’s Golfing Couple and travel the world writing for many publications. Visit their website at