Square Up at Address for Square Contact

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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If you are having trouble with the slice or hook, look at your address position as a leading contributor to curving the ball fight.

A good address position is crucial for making a good repeatable swing that is online with your target and will create solid contact with the ball. Your address position will dictate the path you take at impact, which is the major influence on the flight of the ball.

Begin with your alignment, start from the ground up.

1.  Your feet should be parallel to your target line. Place an alignment rod on the ground parallel to your target line. Take your stance with both feet square, same distance from the rod.

2.  Now look at your hips. Are they square with your feet and the rod? If not line them up.

3.  Next line up your shoulders and chest. Here is where so many golfers go wrong. Align your shoulders and chest with your hips, feet and the rod on the ground. If any of these points are out of alignment you will swing the club off line.  

Practice tip: With the alignment rod aimed properly towards your target, practice walking up to the rod with your body completely square to the rod, bend at the waist, slight knee bend, balance out your weight and begin your swing.  

The proper alignment puts you on track to swing towards your target. The results of a square address position will be a more square path and club-face, better contact and improved ball flight and accuracy.

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