Rare feat occurred at the Desert Mountain Club

Two consecutive holes-in-one and one birdie

From left, Shaye Chandler and Diane Thomas take their golf balls out of the cup after their consecutive holes-in-one.

An incredibly rare feat occurred, the third week in June, 2016, at the Desert Mountain Club: Two consecutive holes-in-one and one birdie on the par 3, eighth hole on the club’s Chiricahua course.

Three ladies, Diane Thomas, Shaye Chandler and Anita Wallace, all Desert Mountain members, were playing as a threesome. The green is elevated so the ball is not visible once it comes down onto the green. Wallace hit her shot first with a pitching wedge that hit the back slope and came in just three feet away from the 103-yard hole. Thomas and Chandler, both also using pitching wedges, hit second and third, respectively, but couldn’t see where the balls had landed. Wallace was the first person on the green and saw that only one ball was on it. She immediately walked over to the hole and saw that Thomas’ and Chandler’ golf balls were both in the cup and her ball was only three feet away from the cup. She made her putt for a birdie (2) and the other ladies both had holes-in-one. 

Therefore, the holes-in-one were made back-to-back. The total score for the three ladies was four.

The National Golf Registry says the odds for two holes-in-one in the same group are 17 million to one.