Pre-Shot Check List

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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You should have a very simple list of items you are checking or reminding yourself of before you begin the swing. On this list should be Pre-Swing items to help you become more consistent with your posture, grip, aim, ball position, or alignment. This is a separate list from the In-Swing keys that will come after completing your setup.  

As you approach the ball and begin your setup go through this short list of items for the pre-swing thoughts. Do not over complicate this! Keep it Simple. Experiment with the keys that best improves your consistency, ball striking and desired results.  

Some examples of pre-swing thoughts would be like this:

• Weight on the balls of my feet.

• Weight balance pretty even from slightly more weight on the back foot.

• Arms relaxed hanging freely from the shoulders.

• Good posture, back bent at an angle not drooped over.

• Grip pressure light, check grip pressure points.

• Ball positioned in the middle of the clubface.

• Body aimed properly in relation to the target.

These keys can be turned on in your thought process as you approach your shot. You can complete this short list and still play ready golf. Repeating these setup keys on a regular basis will speed up this process and make you more proficient in your pre shot routine. 

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