Time for New Beginnings

Jeff Fisher
Director of Instruction
Fisher Bryan Golf Academy at Longbow Golf Club
Mesa, AZ

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Over the last 5 years and throughout almost 60 columns for Arizona Golfer, I have done my very best to help you play better golf and enjoy the game more. This column, January 2017, is as good a time as any for me to step aside and let another professional step in and bring their message to the golfers of Arizona.

I want to leave you with a few things that I believe have been my overriding message throughout my time as a columnist with Arizona Golfer. First and foremost, enjoy the game of golf. Realize that for most of us it is recreation and not a profession. Strive to be better, because better golf is more fun, but do so in a manner that is beneficial to you and your game.

Set goals, realistic ones. Make sure the goals you set match the amount of time and effort that you have to put into practice and play. You cannot accomplish goals simply because you set them, you need to have a plan and follow it. Make sure that plan, like the goals, is not overreaching. Do not set a plan that calls for you to be at the course for an amount of time that you know does not fit into your life’s schedule. Keep it within normal boundaries and you will have greater success.

Be patient. Rome was not built in a day nor will your golf game be. Again this goes back to your goal setting. The smaller you start with your goals the more quickly you will be able to achieve them. If your goal is to eliminate 3 putts then you know exactly how to work on that and it is something that can happen in a short amount of time. If your goal is to go from a 20 handicap to a 10 handicap, that is going to take longer. 

Find a coach. One that understands your goals, will guide you well in the pursuit of them and whom you will enjoy spending time with along the way. Everybody needs some guidance and golf seems to be an endeavor where people think they can go it alone. Not only are you unlikely to find the improvement you want on your own, but you will also find many missteps along the way. A coach will help you be more directed and efficient on your journey to better golf. 

To all of those golfers who have read my columns for the past five years and have contacted me and or come to see me for coaching, I thank you. Golf is a passion and passions are meant to be shared! And, I thank Arizona Golfer for giving me the opportunity to share my passion with you. 

Jeff Fisher is Director of Instruction at the Fisher Bryan Golf Academy at Longbow Golf Club. Jeff can be reached at 480.414.9330 or jeff@fisherbryangolf.com.