Think “Rotational” on the Course

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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On the golf course, use swing keys that are visual, simple and are a picture of success. I prefer keys that help promote images of the rotational golf swing. These keys keep the swing rotational around your body and promote good weight shift and balance such as:  

•  Back to target (on the backswing), front to target (on the downswing). This drill helps to promote a rotational swing around the body and promotes a full turn on the backswing and finishes with a full turn back to the target. On the backswing the middle of your back is facing towards the target and at the finish your belt buckle is facing the target.

•  Left shoulder to chin (to promote full shoulder turn on the backswing), and Right shoulder to chin (to promote a full turn on the follow through). This is for the right handed golfer, reverse for the leftie. This drill again helps to promote a full turn for power and consistency and increases the ability to swing the club on line with your target line.

•  Right foot, Left foot. This drill promotes weight shift during the swing for maximizing power. Along with the full body rotation you need to transfer the weight forward into impact and towards your target. Picture the step and throw motion of throwing a ball.

•  Hold your finish. Are you facing your target? This drill promotes turn, weight shift and balance. Three very important keys to the golf swing.

Remember it is good to challenge your swing and mind with swing keys, drills and positions but on the course keep it simple, visualize success and hold your finish. 

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