Tour Edge Demo Day

By Alice & Danny Scott

Tour Edge Golf kicked off the annual PGA Merchandise Show with a Media Demo Day at the posh Lake Nona Golf and Country Club. For 31 years, CEO David Glod and team have developed equipment for golfers to improve their game performance and enjoyment. This year’s EX-10 line includes an adjustable driver equipped with the all-new 8-1-1 titanium chassis and a Japanese TSP Beta thinner face that allows mere mortal golfers to obtain maximum distance with incredible swing forgiveness. The EX 10 fairway woods made the Hot List for 2017. All clubs are 100% assembled in the US with a 48-hour turnaround for any custom club in the Hot Launch 2 line. Tour Edge Golf is synonymous with innovative technology. 

Preceding the miles of aisles of convention activity we had the opportunity to try their clubs on the range and then on the course along with partner products:

Golf Pride is the #1 golf grip on tour and among amateur golfers. They push the envelope with rubber, leather, and pressure enhancements. Their latest design features a raised guiding line for accurate alignment. Don’t underestimate the impact of grip replacements.

Snell Golf CEO, John Snell educated the audience on myths and advancements in golf ball technology. After many years in the employment of industry leaders, he simplified testing equations and developed two versions of affordable golf balls - Get Sum and My Tour Ball.

Swing Coach is a training device with a cup like head at the end of a club shaft to load your golf ball, launch and learn proper swing timing and sequencing.

BioMech’s Acculink ACE putter scientifically optimizes physiology and physics for a healthier pendulum stroke that is also the answer to legal anchoring.

SkyCaddie’s LINX watch marries a range finder with a game tracker in style.

Sun Mountain’s Club Glider golf travel bag can be pushed through airports with a single finger.

Bermuda Sands introduced its newest line of quality golf apparel for men and women.

Skechers is always bringing on more cute and functional golf shoes.

REKS unbreakable sunglasses were a hit with all participants for their comfort and stylish UV protection.

KenRick Golf incorporates a divot tool and ball marker on the tip of their fashionable belts for ultimate convenience.

Oska, a new discovery in pain management garnered the most intrigue. The compact device emits a healing pulse magnetic field to reduce inflammation and pain. It is small enough to carry and wear everywhere, even when playing. At $499, it provides on the spot physical therapy.