Desert Mountain selects OB Sports to assist with their golf course clean-up efforts

By using OB Sports, Desert Mountain has been able to reduce their payroll and still provide first-rate conditioning to their members

Desert Mountain Golf Properties in Scottsdale Arizona recently utilized OB Sports in a property-wide clean up project for their 6 signature Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses. By outsourcing this service, Desert Mountain was able to focus on their core business and not have to invest in the hiring, training, and management of the 10-man crew used to execute the revitalizing of the non-turf areas.

“OB Sports was able to bring a well-trained workforce into Desert Mountain that completely understood the expectations of a high-end country club operation. Not only did they make a huge impact on our golf courses that our members are still talking about, but they were professional, courteous, and polite when dealing with our members,” stated Shawn Emerson, Director of Agronomy for Desert Mountain.  “Hiring OB Sports enabled me to reduce my staff size by one person on each golf course, with virtually no interruption to the execution of our maintenance operations. It’s a great program that we are going to continue with in the future.” 

For nearly four decades, OB Sports has been maintaining some of the country’s most spectacular golf courses and recently they created a landscape services division to offer clients a turn-key solution to managing their common areas as well as their golf courses. OB Sports is essentially taking their award-winning skill set from the golf course corridors to community corridors, commercial developments, master-planned communities, and other golf courses not managed by OB Sports. 

“Offering these landscape services is a very natural extension of our current business at OB Sports” stated Luke Beardmore – Vice President of Landscape and Turf Care for OB Sports. “We have been able to implement several of our award-winning practices from our golf course maintenance experiences to deliver a level of service and sophistication that is rarely seen in the landscape industry.  Partnering with a property like Desert Mountain is exactly why we started this division.”

The project at Desert Mountain, which took approximately 10 weeks to complete, reflects a growing trend in the industry of outsourcing special project work rather than self-performing this type of work. By outsourcing project work, golf course operators are able to maintain focus on their turf programs and typical maintenance operations with virtually no interruption or distraction.

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Scottsdale-based, OB Sports is a diversified, golf-oriented company with a long history of success. OB Sports opened their Landscape Service department in the 4th quarter of 2009 to diversify their product offerings to potential clients. OB Sports is currently operating at 32 locations nation-wide. Known for its comprehensive and personalized services since 1972, OB Sports has become widely acclaimed as the leader in “boutique-style” golf course management and high-end landscape operations.

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