Capital Canyon Club member plays 162 holes for Post 911 War Memorial


Mr. Bill Ware, golf enthusiast and Capital Canyon Club member, played 162 holes at Capital Canyon on “D-Day” Tuesday, June 6th.  Bill, who is 80 years old completed this golf marathon in efforts to raise awareness and funds for a Post 911 War Memorial. The memorial and concept originated from the dedicated volunteers with Welcome Home Troops, an organization whose mission is to contribute to the wellbeing of military families. 

Ware started at 5am and finished at approximately 7:30pm. Each round took him about an hour and a half to complete. The most astonishing fact is that his average score for these nine rounds was less than his age. He hit the fairway off the tee 112 times out of 117. His last round was his best round. On the final 162nd hole, Bill played a mini tournament with close friends J.C. Connor, Terry Sims, and Tom Liley. Bill & Tom prevailed.  Members and friends joined Bill on the course for his last round and cheered him on to the finish. 

Bill was born in 1936 and served in the Army from 1961-1962 as a member of the 35th Combat Engineer Battalion. He graduated from the University of Arizona School of Architecture in 1966.

The memorial is being designed by Architect and Artist Lawrence R. Armstrong, C.E.O. of WareMalcomb architectural firm. It will be a mobile installation that will travel from city to city. The structure›s interior diameter is 30 feet and has a circumference of approximately 100 feet. It is clad in hundreds of glass panes attached to a stainless steel frame and will be able to be easily taken down, moved, and re-constructed in multiple locations.  

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