Outcome Unknown

Rob Rashell
Director of Instruction
TPC Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ

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I was on a lesson talking with a good amateur golfer, reflecting on how much playing golf mirrors life. I know he’s right on the money, both as a coach, and as a player. This doesn’t make what you’re going to read easy to accomplish, just makes it true. Difficult, but true.

The guts of our conversation revolved around delaying or more accurately not knowing if the work will pay off. The payoff in golf would be a great tournament finish or a great round of golf. In life, maybe a promotion, a raise, a great business deal. What I’m describing are outcomes. Some are predictable, some unpredictable, and they are a result of what you put in, the price we’re willing to pay.

What I got lost in for a long time, was putting my energy towards those outcomes, without really digging into the ingredients. With the help of some good guidance, I started to realize what those outcomes had to do with hitting the shots to achieve those outcomes. The answer? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Standing over a golf shot thinking about trying to win a golf tournament? Bad idea. Feeling like you have to play well in an upcoming member guest event? Sorry, try again. Identifying the things you can do on a daily basis that will make you a better player? No we’re talking. 

Day after day have a checklist, work on your grip for 5 minutes. Throw a stick or club down at your feet on the golf course on a late afternoon nine to check your alignment. These are not glamourous, they’re not even a whole lot of fun, what they are is effective. Compound interest for golf. Doesn’t feel like much each day, but when you multiply by weeks, months, years, it starts to get really, really good.

Embrace the work, I think everyone knows when they’ve finished a practice session or a day of work, and even though the results aren’t there you know you’re getting better. You know what you’re doing is going to pay off, none of us know when. Get into the guts of what will make you a better player, and attack the process. Be boring. Do the work. I know you’ll get better. Good Luck! 

Rob Rashell is now the Director of Instruction at Desert Forrest located in Scottsdale, Arizona. You can reach Rob at rob@robrashell.com