Make a Better Shoulder and Chest Turn and You Will Increase Power and Stay On Line with Your Target

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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Begin the backswing with your shoulders and chest rotating back. This rotation of the shoulders will bring your arms, hands and the club back on line. Continue the shoulder turn taking the club back. Bring your front shoulder under your chin to complete the backswing. This turn has fully loaded up your swing with power that should be used on the downswing to generate club head speed and increase distance.

The second part to this is to keep turning your shoulders as you begin shifting your weight forward from the back foot to begin the downswing.  Keep your shoulders on a more rotation motion than an up and down motion. If you get too steep of a shoulder angle at impact you may get stuck and stop the rotation of your body and weight shift resulting in a loss of distance, solid impact and loss of direction control. Keep turning your upper body.

As you make contact with the ball, you should find your shoulders slightly open to the target line as they have continued turning from the start of the backswing, beginning of the downswing, through impact and now on to the finish.

Keep turning until you have reached the finish of your swing. In this position your shoulders and chest have turned on past the target line allowing you to hold your finish position with balance and control. If you have turned properly, your chest is now turned past the target line, weight is on your front foot, hands are over your front shoulder, (not over your head), you have remained over the ball and you are in good balance at the end of your swing.

Proper shoulder and chest rotation from the start to finish of your swing will increase club head speed, centeredness of contact and improve your balance and weight shift.  

Work on increasing your shoulder swing and improving your game. 

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