Arizona Golfer announces website launched November 2009

Arizona Golfer’s new website will become active the first part of November, 2009. It will be formatted for readers to subscribe and receive issues each month via email. 

“With Arizona Golfer entering its 19th year of publishing in November, we thought this was an opportune time to launch our official website to our readers and advertisers alike,” stated Nancy Howard, editor/publisher of Arizona Golfer. “Our domain has been owned for many years by a party in another state, so we’re hoping to defuse any misconceptions about where to receive real Arizona Golfer news.” 

Arizona Golfer’s printed issues and distribution will remain the same for all of you who want printed material to hold and read as this editor/publisher prefers. The website is an added convenience to better serve our internet readers throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada, and of course, Arizona. In fact, this will expand Arizona Golfer to any English readers throughout the world.