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Solheim Cup

Tiffany Nelson
Director of Business Development
TPC Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ

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Did you watch the Solheim Cup this past weekend? I was at work on Thursday and thought that it was sad that I really wasn’t into it. I didn’t know what was going on nor who was playing – although, you could take a very good guess. Well, this weekend, that all changed. 

With nothing on at 9 a.m., I decided to turn on the Golf Channel and watch the Solheim Cup. Let me tell you – it was Great Golf! I know the LPGA gets a lot of slack and is loosing sponsors, but “These Gals Can Golf”! They had some great matches out there and it was riveting to watch.  

Michelle Wie – WOW! That’s all I can say. She has finally showed us what she has been touting all along! In her rookie debut, she went 3-0-1. Not too shabby at all. She made some tremendous shots and was aiming for the pin every time. In the singles match, she even had a drive that was 305 yards! That’s right – most men can’t even drive it that far. Fabulous job Michelle!

Morgan Pressel – Played her heart out. What a wonderful competitor, which we always knew she was, but she always showed her age if she didn’t win. She went out there and played as though she has been on tour for a dozen years. She went on to make the final clinch putt to seal the deal for the Americans. Way to go!

Christina Kim – Shocker! Talk about animated – she was into the crowd and really got them all excited to be an American. It’s always a gamble to be that animated and celebrating too early, as it is an 18 hole match. Well, she proved she could back up her actions with her golf game and that is exactly what she did! Amazing to watch and fun, because she did get the crowd into it.  

Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer – Wasn’t sure if they would hold on, to get the point for the US, but never doubt these two young guns. Their opponent may get the first couple points, but with their wedge game and some unbelievable putts, these two each captured a point for the US. Nice wins girls!

Juli Inkster – For someone who could be the mother to most of these girls, she showed everyone just how tough of a competitor she is. This isn’t her first rodeo, but in the beginning you thought it might have been. Boy, did she prove us wrong. She came back so strong with great putts and a point for the US. Too bad she did confirm this would be her last Solheim Cup. Will she be a captain in two years? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

Not to forget the others – Christie Kerr, Kristy McPherson, Brittany Lincicome, Angela Stanford, Brittany Lang, and Nicole Castrale. It was s very fun to watch all of you!

The girls for the United States did a FABULOUS job! Congratulations to each and every one of them for playing so well! They really did make the United States proud and they should be proud of themselves for their toughness and being able to hang on to the Cup. 

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