Right Foot, Left Foot

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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Shifting your weight towards the back foot and front foot during the golf swing is vital for both power and keeping the club online with your target during your swing. 

1.  At address, have slightly more weight on your back foot, (right foot for right handed golfers).

2.  As you begin your backswing, begin shifting more weight onto your back foot.

3.  As you complete your backswing, you will now have more weight, 60-75% of your weight on your back foot.

4.  Begin the downswing by transferring the weight from your back foot towards your front foot. If you begin the downswing with your weight shift, you will keep the club on path with your target and prevent coming over the top or outside of your swing path and increase club head speed.

5.  Continue shifting your weight towards the front foot as you continue the downswing.

6.  At impact, you should have more weight on your front foot; back foot heel should be coming off the ground. The heel coming off the back foot is evidence you are shifting your weight forward.

7.  Finish the swing with almost all, 90% or more, of your weight on your front foot.  

Use this simple drill to improve your weight shift:

Take the club away and begin shifting your weight to the right foot, continue shifting more weight to your right foot during the backswing.  Start the downswing by shifting your weight to the left foot; continue shifting this weight to the left foot until the finish. Hold your finish and you should find almost all of your weight and balance point on the left foot. 

Right foot, left foot…a simple drill and easy tip to remember on the range and course. 

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