"Bouncing Back: How To Recover When Life Knocks You Down"

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We live in difficult times. People have suffered great loss in personal wealth, economic security, emotional well being, health, and trust in a better future. When hope is lost, fear takes over and physical and emotional breakdown result. Bouncing Back provides inspirational stories from world class athletes and simple proven methods to help individuals survive, recover, and prosper during life’s most challenging circumstances. Dr. Mann provides a wealth of information to help the reader manifest real, tangible success. 

Dr. Ronald L. Mann highlights the eight essential elements that drive peak performance and success during the most difficult of times and teaches the importance of adjustment, individuation, spiritual awareness, the ability to be coached, heart, positive mental state, emotional intelligence, and self-belief. These are the foundational qualities that have led to great preparation, recovery, and success. These are tested by the greatest athletes and are proven to work. Read Bouncing Back to find out how you are doing in these important areas and the simple, proven methods to change your life.

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