The Gelliflex® Abacus®: A Customizable, Self-Therapy Massage Device For Golfers

It is hard to play your best when your wrists, forearms and elbows aren’t at theirs. Ideally, you should get to a massage therapist to help you stay on course. Until you do though, it is important to adopt a self-care regimen. 

One way to do that is to use the Abacus by Gelliflex. The Abacus is a new and revolutionary device specially designed for self-care massage of fingers, hands, wrists, forearms and elbows. Ideal for golfers, both before and after play, the Abacus incorporates interchangeable, non-latex, rubbery feeling Gelliprene balls of different firmnesses (soft, medium and firm), that you can position on the Abacus frame in thousands of restorative combinations allowing you to adapt it for your own particular hand, wrist and forearm care. It is the squeeze ball re-imagined.

The patent-pending design is the only product that combines the features of a squeeze ball with forearm compression in one device and in a way that allows you to move fluidly from your hand to wrist to forearm to elbow and vice-versa — much like a therapist would provide. 

The Abacus is portable, simple and versatile. It consists of a sturdy “H” shaped frame with adjustable slots to hold the innovative Gelliprene ball assemblies — one or two balls (your choice) on stainless steel axles that you drop into the slots that work best for you. Each unit comes with 4 Gelliprene balls that, when loaded into a slot “float” inside the frame so the balls won’t roll off onto the floor. The Abacus fits in a locker or a gym bag and you can use it standing or sitting. Unlike foam rollers, no need to crawl on the floor to use it.

Craig Olschansky, inventor of the Abacus, initially created the device for himself after experiencing back and neck problems that caused pain in his fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, arms and elbows. He developed these issues after spending nearly 30 years sitting at his desk hunched over a keyboard and papers as a lawyer. Over time, this lifestyle started to affect his ability to do daily activities like tennis, golf, swimming, and running around with his kids. The Abacus worked for him and now he hopes it will for you.

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