Simple Keys to Assist in Getting Out of the Rough

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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Should I do anything different in playing a ball from the rough? Depending on how long and thick the rough is, you may have to make adjustments in your set up to help steepen your angle of attack into the ball. One of the biggest problems with hitting from the rough is hitting the thick grass prior to making contact with the ball. This will slow down the club and usually close the clubface, both of these things will make it very difficult to get the ball up into the air and out of the trouble.  

Below are four simple set up keys that you can make to assist you in getting out of the rough:

1) Move the ball back in your stance, approximately two – three inches behind the center of your stance.

2)  Position your hands and the grip of the club ahead of the ball.

3)  Put a little more weight on your front foot.

4)  Flatten your shoulder angle. This is done automatically as you properly complete the first three set up keys.

The goal for each of these swing keys is to steepen your downswing and allow you to make contact with the ball first and then the thick grass.

The more loft you have on the clubface the easier it will be to get through that thick grass and loft the ball into the air and back on the short grass. If the grass is extremely thick or long, you may want to take a club with more loft and plan on laying up. Getting the ball back into the fairway and out of the rough will make the next shot much easier and lower your score. 

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