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Thinking outside the tee box at The Westin Kierland Golf Club

Designed by Scott Miller, The Westin Kierland Golf Club features a dramatic 27-hole course touted as one of the best resort courses in Arizona from design, agronomic and playability standpoints.

We live in a world where agronomists bring vibrancy to life with blade-by-blade cultivation, where golf course architects design greens that boast picture-perfect vistas, and where the sport’s continued evolution regularly yields new equipment, technique and even cheering methods. 

So, how do we determine which course will have the honor of donning the green jacket? Naturally that depends on the golfer and their particular preferences, as each course fits its players differently.  

At The Westin Kierland Golf Club the notion of uniqueness is celebrated, even championed. Golfers may not always hit a fairway or sink a putt, but at The Westin Kierland Golf Club guests are consistently met with an elevated golf experience rich in innovation, one-of-a-kind offerings and pure fun, including six – soon to be seven – ways to navigate the course.  

A centerpiece on The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa’s 250 acres in North Scottsdale, The Westin Kierland Golf Club presents a thoughtfully distinctive, award-winning brand of golf that has for years seduced locals and out-of-towners alike. 

Designed by Scott Miller, the Golf Club features a dramatic 27-hole course touted as one of the best resort courses in Arizona from design, agronomic and playability standpoints. The course offers a complementary collection of three nines – each named for an indigenous tree (Acacia, Ironwood and Mesquite) with its own flavor and strategy, yet all equally enjoyable and challenging – across perfectly manicured rolling greens dappled with more than 200 bunkers, a series of serene lakes and dry desert washes, and stunning Sonoran flora and fauna. 

Renowned for its ever-evolving innovations, the Golf Club features a bevy of first-of-its-kind offerings with a robust portfolio of golf advancements that extend well beyond what is par for the course. Leading the pack, the Golf Club’s fleet of golf transportation options present means of greens passage that are equal parts fun, functional and state-of-the-art. 

Home to Golfboards, golf bikes, Segway golf and four-seater family-friendly golf carts, the Golf Club recently welcomed Kierland TurfRiders – a two-wheeled scooter made for cruising the course both on and off cart paths thanks to light weight and large, turf-friendly tires. With a space for golf bags securely situated at the rear and an 18 mph setting, the Kierland TurfRider signals a new era in the way courses are navigated. 

To keep things interesting for its players, the Golf Club will soon debut yet another addition to its fleet – a four-wheeled vehicle that is a far departure from the four-wheelers traditionally surfing the earth that we know as golf carts. Visit the Golf Club in the late spring to enjoy the all-new offering’s unveiling.  

In reaching beyond the ordinary across all touchpoints, The Westin Kierland Golf Club inspires golfers to engage the kid in all of us with programs like the Scottish Golf experience, featuring authentic Scottish kilt rentals, scotch beverage carts, and a bagpiper who serves to “call in” golfers after a great game. 

Whether guiding first-timers or those with a high golf acumen, the Golf Club serves up superb instruction with a renowned trio of LaBauve golf instructors: husband-and-wife team Mike and Sandy LaBauve, and their daughter Lindy LaBauve, PGA, who first learned to play the very sport she loves on Kierland’s courses. Premier golf instruction also pairs with the best club fitting experience available in which the Golf Club has partnered with PING to host factory-trained PING club fitters at the Golf Club four days weekly to offer personalized fittings.  

Not to be overlooked is the Golf Club’s steadfast commitment to serving as a good steward of the environment. In striving to play an active role in a larger effort, the Golf Club is one of only 17 courses in Arizona to be named a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.

Because before and after the game are at times as equally important as the game itself, the Golf Club’s clubhouse hosts Brittlebush Bar & Grill, and the elevated Golf Shop, a recipient of many notable accolades, most recently earning the title as one of the “Top 100 Golf Shops” in the United States by the Association of Golf Merchandisers. 

The Golf Shop’s recent award joins a lengthy list of honorary titles for the Golf Club, including having been named “Arizona Golf Course of the Year” by the National Golf Course Owners Association of Arizona, one of the “Top 10 Public Courses in Phoenix/Scottsdale” by Golf Advisor and one of “America’s 9 Most Cheerful Golf Courses” by Golf Digest.

There may be a multitude of courses from which to choose, but there is undeniably no course that is quite like that of The Westin Kierland Golf Club.