The Proper Club Face Position

Scott Sackett
Director of Instruction
McCormick Ranch Golf Club
Scottsdale, AZ

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One of the biggest misconceptions in golf is what the club face should look like at waist high. The reason this should be important to you is because 85% of all golfers slice the ball. Keeping it simple; if you slice the ball the club face is open at impact. Here is a great way to check if your face is square at what I call position number two in my seven step swing. Take your set-up, once you are in a proper set-up look on your hand closest to the target, for most of us that will be our left hand, and see exactly how many knuckles you see. If you have a neutral grip you will see at least two knuckles. Here’s the test. Take the club back to waist high. At this point check your knuckle count. It should be exactly the same. If you see more knuckles, you have rolled your hands open on the initial takeaway, and if you see less knuckles, you have rolled your hand under. If you have done either of the two later moves you will have to make some sort of compensation on the downswing to hit the ball with a square club face.

Here is another great visual: while looking in a mirror from the target line. Take the club face back waist high. The club face will match the angle of your spine. So remember, next time you’re hitting balls on the range and someone says, “Get the toe up at waist high”…you may want to run.

Picture #1 Club face is parallel with the spine (This is correct)
Picture #2 Club face is toe up (This is not correct)

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