Never-Ready Golf

Tiffany Nelson
Director of Business Development
TPC Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ

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My favorite sub place is Jimmy John’s, which just opened by my work. I love eating there, but every single time I go the line is out the door. I always get the same thing so I know exactly what I’m going to order by the time I get to the register. They have a huge life size menu that’s on the wall, so while you wait in line you can look at the menu and decide what you would like.

Have you ever been behind someone, after waiting for 10 minutes, and they get to the front of the line and when the worker asks, “What would you like to order?,” the guy stands there and replies, “Uhhhhh….”.  REALLY? I want to scream! Because you just had 10 minutes to look at the menu and you really don’t know what you’re going to order yet?!! Come on people, let’s get a little smarter with our time! Well, this is very similar to the theory “never-ready golf”.  

I’m sure you all have had instances (especially in peak season) when you are behind a group of golfers that play a shot, then go into a coma. Only when it’s their turn to swing again do they wake up and realize they don’t know their yardage, they didn’t know the putt was going to break, or the club they had just used wasn’t going to work for their next shot.  We’ve all seen these people.

Griping about slow play is about as productive as griping about bad weather. But, we should all be concerned about time. Not only because slow golfers annoy fast golfers, but because the time it takes to play 18 holes is one of the main frustrations cited by people who give up the game. Golfers have declined in numbers and this is the time when we can’t afford to loose any more. If we get less golfers, that means green fees with rise and fewer options will be available, for those of us who are still playing the game.  

Most of the people I play with are fast golfers, but there are a few who are slower than most. If you think about it, it’s not because these people are slow, it’s just that they are never ready when it’s their turn to play. That’s good news because anticipation should be easier to teach than efficiency. So, all of you ‘turtles’ out there, keep to your pre-shot routines and do what you need to do before you hit the shot, but just start 15 seconds earlier while your playing partner is hitting.

Hope to see you out on the course, but if you’re a slow golfer, hopefully you’ll be behind me!

Tiffany Nelson is Director Business Development at TPC Scottsdale/ PGA TOUR located at 17020 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. You can reach her at 480.585.4334, ext. 226. Follow TPC Scottsdale on Facebook (The TPC Scottsdale) and on Twitter and keep up with all the action!