The Magnificent Marvel

by Steven Boyer

The magnificent marvel is precious and rare
Filled with Dogwoods and Azaleas of flair.
Augusta National in the blossom of spring
is a fabulous venue of color to bring.
Its presence is awesome, a quiet serene
Of splendor and beauty you know what I mean.
As you wait to tee off, it captures your soul
And plays on your heart hole after hole.
Its surroundings have character, a tribute indeed
Must be paid to this course upon which one can feed.
The challenging test of the corner - Amen
Which starts on the back after hole number ten.
For its here that golfs best have felt so meek
Held spellbound by winds over Rae’s Creek
Lost their nerve and fell to their knees
After hitting those shots into the breeze.
So long live the Masters on these hallowed grounds
And those who’ve strived to make ups and downs;
Fought with a fervor year after year
To conquer this course of unparalleled fear.
It’s a select group that’s won at the Masters
Coped with its pressures and avoided disasters
Of this fantastic course. What a sight to behold
Its entrance lane lined with magnolias so bold.