Tour Edge Exotics delivers with distance guarantee

That’s right. In a day when few companies will stand behind their products, Tour Edge delivers with a distance guarantee. They actually guarantee their Exotics driver and fairway woods are longer than your current club. 

The XCG-4 fairway isn’t your ordinary fairway wood. “As the publisher of Arizona Golfer, I have been playing Tour Edge clubs for a good long time and I can speak with experience when I say their clubs rock,” stated Nancy Howard. Several other magazines have taken notice of the Exotics XCG-4, as well. In the May issue of Golf Magazine, club testers commented on the XCG-4 fairway saying: “It is as long as some drivers off the tee.” • “Several testers picked up 10+ yards compared to their own clubs.” • “A standout in terms of distance and feel,” and “Easy to shape shots.”

What makes this club so special? The XCG-4 is one of a very few fairway woods on the market constructed with titanium. The club features an SP700 titanium face insert and a titanium cup face and crown that is bonded to a heavy, 130-gram, tungsten sole (65% of the head’s total weight) using a no-weld process called combo-brazing. The club face is so hot its rebound rate is equal to many of today’s drivers.

Arizona golf retailers are singing the praises of the XCG-4. According to Allen Gobeski, master fitting manager at Hot Stix’s Scottsdale headquarters, “We don’t need to push Exotics products. When our customers try them, they buy them. Bottom line, the Tour Edge Exotics products perform!” At Cool Clubs, also in Scottsdale, the tour version of the XCG-4, the Exotics CB4 is very popular. Say’s owner Mark Timms, “Our customers love the traditional look of the Exotics CB4 Tour along with its hot face and that it launches slightly higher than the previous model.”     

The Exotics CB series fairway woods feature design and performance characteristics inspired by the world’s best players. In fact, CB-series fairway woods accumulated over 20 Tour wins and top-10 finishes in 2010. The newest generation – the CB4 – delivers unprecedented power and control capable of taking your game to an entirely new level.

Designed for maximum workability, the CB4 features a slightly smaller 170cc tour preferred head size. The head’s classic pear shape produces a higher center of gravity that produces a lower spin rate and a powerful launch. Combining a high-tech 15-3-3-3 titanium cupped face with a heavier hyper steel body, every single gram of excess weight is eliminated from the face area and shifted to the rear skirt and sole for a deeper center of gravity. The deep, higher center of gravity gives the CB4 an explosive, penetrating launch angle.

Although Tour Edge is most well-known for their Exotics fairway woods, this year’s XCG-4 driver has received numerous accolades including making Golf Digest’s 2011 Hot List. According to Golf Digest the XCG-4 has a “Perfect look. It is tough to miss the fairway with this” and “The ball launches high, gets up there, and keeps on going.” According to Tour Edge’s vice president of marketing Jay Hubbard, the XCG-4 is one of the longest-hitting drivers in the company’s history. 

The driver comes in 276-gram super-ultra-light (one of the lightest drivers on the market) and 310-gram ultra-light editions. A true distance weapon off the tee, the XCG-4 features a titanium face and sole, an amorphous carbon crown, two amorphous carbon sole inserts, and two tungsten sole weights. The ultra-light weight carbon frees up 27 grams of weight that is positioned in the lower rear of the club head to improve forgiveness. Plus, the driver’s Boomerang face puts out a whopping rebound rate of 243(ct). With just one swing of the XCG-4, you’ll feel and see the difference.

To find out more about the Exotics XCG-4 driver or fairway wood visit or call 800.515.3343 for a retail/fitting location near you. Exotics can be found locally in Arizona at Hot Stix, Cool Clubs, PGA Tour Superstore, Vann’s and at many other authorized Tour Edge retail locations.