Consistent Set Up for Improved Ball Striking

Mark Oswald
General Manager
The Highlands at Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ.
Marana, AZ

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The key to good ball striking is a consistent set up at address. Here are some keys to look at to make your set up more consistent.

• Alignment. It is very important to line up properly with your target and consistently from shot to shot. If you are playing for a straight shot, your body should be aligned slightly to the left of the target, (for the right handed golfer). This puts your club and the ball on line with the target. Use alignment sticks or clubs when practicing so you become trained at swinging with the club while properly aligning with the target.

• Posture. Good posture promotes a good golf swing and good balance. Bend slightly at the waist pushing out your rear end. Lean from the waist with your upper body while maintaining alignment of your spine from your hips, shoulders and head. Do not slouch down to the ball. Flex the knees slightly and allow your hands to hang naturally from the shoulders. The correct posture will put your weight on the balls of your feet promoting a golf swing and good balance.

• Grip Position. Be consistent with your grip position from club to club and shot to shot. Unless you are purposely trying to change your ball flight, you should grip all clubs with the same grip position. The proper grip will have the club located in the fingers, not back in the palm, and have your palms facing each other. A “Neutral Grip” will have 2 knuckles visible on the left hand and the “V Line” between your thumb and forefinger on the right hand facing the right side of your face to right shoulder. If you need a “Strong Grip” to help stop the slice, the palms still face each other, but the hands are rotated more on the right side of the grip which will now have 3 to 4 knuckles present on the left hand and the “V Line” on your right hand will now face your right shoulder or beyond. The “Weak Grip” helps reduce the hook by rotating your hands more on the left side of the grip. You will see only 1 knuckle on the left hand and “V Line” facing your chin.

• Ball Position. I promote four ball positions. For the wedges and short irons, the ball is positioned just ahead of the center of your stance. Medium irons to hybrids, ball is positioned one ball ahead of center. Fairway woods, slightly forward just inside the left heel. Driver, off of the front foot instep.

Work on these areas of your address and be consistent. Practice them on the range with each shot you hit until you are comfortable and able to repeat these shot after shot. When you go the course, remember these 4 Keys to maintain a consistent set up and improve your ball striking.

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