Golf Realty Network™ provides Realtors® that understand golf, golf communities, and specialize in golf homes

Breath-taking views of Red Mountain, the signature hole on this Southeast Valley golf course.

Want to find that perfect golf property or need to sell in a golf community? With the Golf Realty Network™ you can do “both” and be assured you’re receiving the best service from REALTORS® that understand golf, golf communities, and specialize in golf homes, regardless of price, location, or golf course preference.

The Golf Realty Network (GRN) is made up of “member” Real Estate Agents, from a variety of Brokerages, that are all top REALTORS® in their field. They understand why people want to “Live Where They Play”, and have a special passion for golf and the golfers’ unique needs and wants.

The company, started by Jane & Al Andersen, has grown to over 21 member agents (and growing to 55) with relationships branching across both golf and real estate lines. They knew, when they started GRN, that golf and real estate went together like peas and carrots, it just had never been formalized. This isn’t their first company, the Andersen’s also have a training company, Compass Consulting Team™, and started a Purple Cow™ Innovation Marketing Workshop. They each have over 25 years experience in Corporate America, holding executive positions in their companies and traveling the U.S. and Canada. The Andersen’s passion, however, is golf, and their business is real estate. Both are licensed REALTORS® in the state of Arizona.

They believed that they could “connect” both golf and real estate, since it’s one of the fastest growing niche markets for both Arizona and Southern Nevada, and make it a viable business utilizing the skills of REALTORS® and the connections of golfers. Curt Hudek, Executive Director of the SWSPGA, and Vito Berlingeri, Marketing Director, thought so, too. A multi-year agreement was signed with GRN in 2011 and off they went. Through their “first of its kind” partnership with the SWSPGA, they are now able to reach customers that want to “live where they play” throughout the world. 

Last year alone, over 10,000 golf homes were sold in the Metro Phoenix area, or just under $2.7 Billion dollars in real estate! That’s a pretty sweet niche and GRN is determined to capture some of it. By “connecting” golfers and golf enthusiasts to real estate in over 390 golf courses in Arizona and Southern Nevada, they hope to make an impact on “how” golf homes are found, sold, and marketed. The Andersen’s also hope to make an impact on “how” their network supports the SWSPGA’s golf courses by bringing clients to the courses, setting up meetings in their grills, and sponsoring key events and tournaments. They hope their participation and market exposure will increase golf rounds for public clubs, drive revenue, and generate more memberships for private clubs. Golf Realty Network is the SWSPGA’s “exclusive” real estate source and can service “both” golf home buyers and sellers from around the world that have chosen Arizona or Southern Nevada as their home. Each GRN “member” Agent has been hand selected to cover a specific geographic zone where they have golf course expertise and first-hand knowledge about the community, amenities, and real estate.

Because of GRN’s partnership with the SWSPGA, customers are able to book a tee time and view real estate for sale on some remarkable golf courses. These special golf homes are showcased on the SWSPGA’s online golf reservation tee time site, While booking a tee time on your favorite golf course, you can view golf properties, browse GRN’s online listing magazine, and be connected to a GRN member agent with the click of the mouse.

In January 2012, GRN will launch their Online Listing Magazine to all REALTORS® that have golf property listings throughout Arizona and Southern Nevada. GRN’s vision is to become the “BEST” source for searching golf properties, using customer friendly technology, and allowing REALTORS® to update their online listing at any time. By giving consumers the ability to search online, receive reliable information, and work with a PRO (REALTOR®)...the Golf Realty Network™ is filling a special need...a need that represents 10% of the real estate market in Metro Phoenix alone. For more information on the magazine, just go to

The Andersen’s have also started an Internet Radio Show, The Golf Realty Network with Jane & Al, which airs every Wednesday morning, 8AM PST on Channel and is syndicated to the Sports channel. The hosts talk golf and real estate for an exciting hour. Alice and Danny Scott, America’s Golfing Couple, call in every Wednesday to give their golf course review from a different golfing destination each week, and Jane and Al’s studio guests cover a variety of topics about golf and real estate. It’s educational, engaging, and sure to make you laugh. Visit and click on the Radio button.    

The Golf Realty Network™ wants to be your real estate provider of choice! Visit, sign up for their Newsletter, become a Golf Realty Network™ Facebook Fan, check out their Fore-Play Blog, or simply call 602.684.9300 or email

GRN wants to help you ‘Live Where You Play’!