Polara Golf showcased its self-correcting golf balls at Golf Fest Phoenix at Longbow Golf Club in Mesa, AZ

High-Trajectory Aerodynamics and Self-Correcting Technology™ transforms hooks and slices into longer, straighter shots

Polara Golf Company (www.polaragolf.com) showcased their revolutionary Self-Correcting golf balls at the Golf Fest Phoenix, which was h eld in mid-February at the Longbow Golf Club in Mesa, Arizona.

Golfers were able to demo Polara’s Self-Correcting golf balls during the event. The original Ultimate Straight™ and Ultimate Straight XS™ golf balls are designed for golfers whose #1 priority is to control hooks or slices. The radical sidespin-reducing characteristics of the Ultimate Straight™ and Ultimate Straight XS™ correct wayward shots by up to 75%. Some golfers who tend to hit a golf ball with a lower trajectory may find they get the maximum carry distance performance out of the Ultimate Straight balls using a 3-wood or a higher lofted driver (11 Degrees+).

With the new advanced XD™ and XDS™ golf balls, Polara Golf has found a way for recreational golfers to correct hooks and slices by up to 50% and in many cases achieve the trajectory of a normal ball using a standard loft driver (9-10.5 degrees).

“We gave the new XD™ and XDS™ golf balls a different lift and drag profile to make the ball fly higher, resulting in more carry distance for golfers who tend to hit the ball with a lower trajectory,” said David Felker, PhD, and Head of Technology for Polara Golf.  “Now recreational golfers can choose the ball that is best suited for their game, the original Ultimate StraightTM or Ultimate Straight XSTM with up to 75% Self-Correcting Technology, or the new advanced XDTM or XDSTM with up to 50% Self-Correcting Technology. Depending on how much slice & hook control a golfer needs and how a golfer hits the ball will dictate which Polara ball best fits their game. Either ball is guaranteed to improve your game!”

Like the original Ultimate Straight™ and Ultimate Straight XS™ golf balls, the new XD™ and the XDS™ golf balls are designed to help golfers increase their enjoyment of the game, and are perfectly fine for the recreational golfer to use every day on the course.

All Polara Golf balls are available at www.polaragolf.com and retail golf stores nationwide. For more information about Polara Golf, call 866.556.3100 or visit their website.