TipTeeToe® ladies’ shoes promote better balance and stability on the course while addressing style off the course

TipTeeToe®is the world’s first wedge sole designed golf shoe promoting better balance and stability when addressing and hitting the golf ball. This most talked about new golf shoe takes women from the course directly into the clubhouse or around town for dinner or drinks. The look is contemporary and stylish.

Founded in 2010 by Micky Gallas in Long Beach, Indiana, TipTeeToe® is a family owned business with Jordan and Sean Gallas on board.

“I experienced the new black with white stripes shoes for the first time during a March course review,” states Nancy Howard, Editor/Publisher of Arizona Golfer. “At first I couldn’t imagine how they would look and feel upon opening the shoe box. Once they were on at the course, I had many compliments (amazingly from men, didn’t even know they noticed our shoes) on how sharp they looked…and they did look sharp. However, I was amazed at the difference you felt in your swing, and not as I suspected that the wedge would force you to compensate for it. You don’t! It just makes it easier to be on the balls of your feet or rather more on front for better balance in the swing. Swung terrific in them! Removed them on the back nine to do a comparison and whoa…my flat shoes made me feel almost drunk. It was incredible! What an adjustment after wearing the TipTeeToe®’s for nine holes. I will attest that my swing was better wearing these shoes as well as feeling pretty sharp with their style. And, loved the ball markers with the magnets on the shoe. Excellent idea since you are bending over anyway to mark your ball. A lot of thought went into this new concept in ladies’ golf shoes and I believe we ladies’ will reward their family business with our excitement over them. And, yes, I would give the   TipTeeToe® a definite thumbs up,” said Howard.

“One note to consider when ordering: they run small so order one size larger than your regular foot size for the best comfort. They are a bit stiff when you first put them on but soften up on the course,” stated Howard.

TipTeeToe® is the ideal shoe that delivers unique style from the array of fun colors to the unique wedge sole design, to the variety of colorful straps and handy ball markers. Women will experience a whole new wedge with TipTeeToe®!

Colors offered are White/Black, White/Rerd, Black, Black/White, Black/Hot Pink and prices start at $125.

For information and to find the nearest TipTeeToe® dealer, visit www.tipteetoe.com. For information on ordering for retail, visit the aforementioned website.