ReadyPutt™ now available for Father’s Day gift

Revolutionary new golf product combines a putter cover with a ball cleaner and magnet for divot repair tools and ball markers

Here’s a new and interesting concept! ReadyPutt™ is a revolutionary putter cover that provides the added convenience of a golf ball cleaner. Every time you reach for your putter you will be equipped with a golf ball cleaner and ensured a clean ball is ready for your putt. No longer will you have to remember to “grab a towel from your bag” as ReadyPutt™ is with your putter every trip you make to the green. It also provides a magnetic utility platform to secure metal objects such as a divot repair tool and ball marker.

With advanced Tri-Layer Ball Cleaner technology, ReadyPutt™ is built to remove debris from your ball. Place the Tri-Layer Golf Ball Cleaner under a water source to absorb and maintain a wet cleaning surface throughout your round.

Putter Covers come in two sizes and fit all putters (1”x5”x4” for mallet and blade putters. 1”x5”x5” fits two ball, oversized & exotic putters.), and provides a ball cleaner matt, which is attached with velcrow and is detachable for cleaning. It is water retaining and provides a wet surface with the Tri-Layer patented microfiber matt. The putter cover also includes a magnetic utility platform, the perfect size for holding metal divot repair tools and ball markers.

What is ReadyPutt™? It’s a Putter Cover • It’s a Golf Ball Cleaner • It can carry your Divot Repair Tools and Ball Markers. The perfect putting formula: Clean Ball=Accurate Putts=Lower Scores.

ReadyPutt™ premiers just in time for Father’s Day. This makes shopping for Father’s Day easy!! Bet Dad doesn’t have a ReadyPutt™! This is a gift he’s sure to appreciate and remember each time he heads to the green.

ReadyPutt™ is available now for only $17.99 and Free Shipping. To order online, visit or call 480.438.9862.

Always arrive at the green with everything you need by simply grabbing your putter!