Congratulations to Danny Scott making his first Hole-in-One and then his second one within a week

After 50+ eagles, 4 double eagles, and many tournament wins…the grandest of golf moments, the Hole-in-One, was finally achieved by Danny Scott, the male partner of America’s Golfing Couple.

The incredible Black Mesa Golf Course delivered the ultimate inspiration; epitomizing New Mexico’s “Land of Enchantment” theme with its contrasting topography of ruggedness, snow capped distant mountains, imposing cliffs, gorges, scruff, and blooms. Hole number 11 combines all of these elements. The par 3 was playing 176 yards on a perfectly temperate day. Danny fired the ball with his Piranha eight iron into the magnificent box canyon with towering cliffs. It hit the bank of the hillside next to the left side bunker, took a little bounce and rolled down to the hole.

Hugging ensued with partners Leigh McKay and son Mike Schieffer on the tee box. Danny was stunned. Wife Alice was 2 foursomes behind, very elated but just a tad disappointed not to see it. So, during their next round at the famous Brickyard in Indianapolis, he repeated an Ace performance just for her on hole number 4, 196 yards along water with his 6 iron. What a guy!

Danny and Alice are the founders of Butthead Covers (the upside down animal golf club head covers.) Having sold the business, they are now freelance writers for Arizona Golfer and other publications as well as radio show guests. They love traveling, contributing to charity events, promoting destinations and coaching others on “Living the American Dream.”  Where in the world will the next hole-in-one be? Follow them at

Congratulations to Danny, a truly nice guy and terrific golfer!!