A premier driver by DnA Golf, Inc.

by Wes Bolyard
DnA Alpha 610 DriverHave you dreamed of owning a driver that was optimized to deliver the greatest distance allowed by the ruling bodies of golf? Would this driver come with the option of three distinct acoustic signatures?  Well, if Santa didn’t already bring you this dream driver, you can purchase it yourself!
The DnA Alpha 610 Driver, launched by Tempe-based VyaTek Sports in September, 2009, is the first of its kind. The patented technology incorporates a detachable face and elastomeric insert to optimize Distance and Acoustics, thus giving each driver a unique “DNA” symbolized by their double helix logo.
The USGA uses characteristic time, formerly called COR (coefficient of restitution), to measure how long the ball is on the clubface which reflects how much energy is transferred during impact. Howard Lindsay, founder and CEO of DnA, explains, “A higher characteristic time means less energy lost and more distance. This technology can deliver virtually the allowable limit according to USGA standards.”
There is also an opportunity to go beyond those limits by replacing the face with a thinner one, generally more for those with slower swing speeds. Howard stated, “We’re don’t encourage cheating, but there’s a huge percentage of people in the world who agree at the first tee they’re going to give mulligans.” If you aren’t competing in golf and just want to get more enjoyment out of the game, this may be the driver you need.
DnA Golf, Inc. has partnered with the leading premium brands to merge with their revolutionary technology:  Fujikura shafts, Golf Pride grips, and Advanced International MultiTech (AIM) who manufactures the driver head.
The DnA Alpha 610 Driver is offered through high-end grass golf facilities, select corporate brands, the military services, foundations such as Red Cross, and direct through their web site. Corporate and custom logos can be added (with sufficient quantities) to the head, head cover, shaft, grip, and packaging to proudly display unique branding. Right- and left-handed drivers are available for both men and women.  For more information, visit www.DnAGolf.com or call 480.240.6004